1. V.A.T: The price quoted are excluding V.A.T. And would be subject to the current rate of V.A.T. At the date of dispatch or of installation.
  2. Prices: The prices quoted are strictly net and would remain fixed for the duration of the contract period, provided an order or written instruction to proceed is received within the validity period of our quotation and that dispatch is in accordance with the arrangements given below.
  3. Dispatch: To be discussed.
  4. Payment: Strictly 30 (thirty) days from completion.
  5. Validity: Our offer will remain open for acceptance for a period of 60 (sixty) days from the quotation date.
  6. Drawings: If the above quotation has been based upon a drawing supplied bu yourselves of in co-operation with a kitchen supplier, then we cannot be held responsible for any dimensional changes that may occur during building works. If changes occur after the order has been placed then they must be advised as soon as possible in writing to C.A.S.I. Please note that if these changes result in a change of kitchen design or cabinet size, then we cannot guarantee that these amendments can be supplied by the original dispatch date.
    If we have suggested a layout for the kitchens quoted then please note that as installers we do not claim to be designers or architects and our suggestions should be fully endorsed by a professional designer or architect should you with to ensure the layout is suitable to your needs and to ensure a good working kithchen. The layout should also be endorsed by site contractors to ensure that the kitchen fits and that there are no on-site obstacles, as we cannot be held responsible for any eventualities on site that will result in the kitchen not fitting.
  7. All Electrical: Equipment directly supplied by Clean Air Systems will be covered by a 6 (six) month warranty.
  8. All Manufactured: Equipment supplied by Clean Air Systems will be covered by a 12 (twelve) month warranty.
  9. Installation date: To be agreed on order placement of kitchen. 7 (seven) days written notice to be given that ALL equipment needed to install the kitchen will be on site. In the event that all the equipment is not available on site & CASI personnel attend on the agreed installation date, this will be chargeable at 75% of the full daily rate plus any expenses that may be incurred.
  10. Upon Completion: of the C.A.S.I installation contract, C.A.S.I will require the Site Foreman to sign a completion of works certificate. After this has been signed C.A.S.I will not be responsible for any damage, by others, to any of the kitchen equipment.
  11. C.A.S.I will Return: to the site to affix/install the ‘Snagged Items’ within the cost of the initial contract. However if additional works are requited and agreed to on the completion certificate, then C.A.S.I will add further charges and invoice at 75% of the full day rate. C.A.S.I will ensure that a ‘correct list of items’ is linked to finish off the works for the contract client to submit to the kitchen provider. In the event of C.A.S.I having to take the contract then C.A.S.I will arrange the items to be discussed to site.
  12. All Kitchen Canopy: and duct-work installation. If for any reason that the start date is changed after an agreement between C.A.S.I and the client is confirmed, and not within 24 hours, there will be an additional charge of 75% of the full daily rate.